What you need to know: 


You Come to Regular League Meetings:

Regular meetings of the League are held on the third Thursday of each from September through May. Watch your League Lantern for announcement of time and place of meetings.


You Are Unable To Attend A Meeting: Request to make one up at a Board meeting.


You Have A Change In Membership: Write the Secretary by April 1st.


You Wish To Request A Leave of Absence: Write to the Secretary by April 1st.


You Have A Change In Address or Telephone Number: Contact the Secretary, as well as the League Lantern editor, and Webmaster.


You Have A New Opportunity For Volunteer Service: Contact the Placement Chairman.


You Have A Suggestion For A New Project: Call or write the Projects Chairman.


You Wish To Propose Someone For Admission To The League: Request an admission proposal form from the Admissions Chairman.


You Have A Request For Reimbursement: Contact your Committee Chairman or Treasurer (see Article 4; Section C).


You Have Information For the League Lantern: Contact the League Lantern editor or the President regarding when to submit information.


You Have A Sudden Illness or Emergency Which Affects Your Commitment As a Volunteer To An Agency Or Organization: Contact a board member. 


You Have A Placement Question: Contact the Placement Chairman.


You Turn In Your Placement Hours: To the Vice President no later than May 1st.

You Turn In Your Committee Reports: To the President no later than May 1st.



  1. Installation of New Officers…May meeting.

  2. MSL Pinning Ceremony…officiated by the Admissions Chair with assistance from the Spring and Fall Provisional Leaders at the Spring luncheon. Ceremony written by Laura C. Clontz, 2004-2005 MSL President.


 What hours count and how? 


  • Placement Hours... One hour credit for each hour of work on the project.

The League requires each active member to serve a minimum of 30 hours of service per calendar year. The minimum hours must be served in the following areas:


A.minimum of 5 general meetings.One absence from a general meeting may be made up by attending a Board meeting (please contactthe League president prior to attending the board meeting)


B.In-League minimum of 5 hours must be served in following

*Any hours beyond the required 5 hours may “roll over” to the required 20 official service hours.





C.Official Service minimum of 20 hours must be served in the following

1. Burke United Christian Ministries

2. Good Samaritan

3. Options

4. Habitat for Humanity and Habitat Restore

5. Friends for Animals

6. United Way

7. Barium Springs Children's Home

8. Catawba Valley Healthy Families

9. Other* All other hours must be approved by the Executive Board




We decided that we would like to put together "care packages" for Walter Johnson Middle School. The care packages will be made up of things like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and other toiletry type of products. The plan is to give these packages to the guidance councilor so that they may hand them out to kids that need them. We all agreed that middle school is a tough time on the things begin to change and hormones kick in, some kids may not have the tools necessary to maintain proper hygiene. We chose Walter Johnson Middle School since some of the needier elementary schools feed into this school PLUS they are allowing us to use their facility for our blood drive and it would be a nice gesture for us to donate these items.


The Provisionals would like to open up donations to our project to all members and sustainers. Please bring travel sized items (or small enough to all fit into brown paper bag in the end). Here is our scheduled donations:

  • Bring shampoo & conditioner to the February Meeting

  • Bring toothbrush & toothpaste to the March Meeting

  • Bring deodorant & soap to the April Meeting

  • Then during the New/Old Board Meeting in May, bring other odds and ins. We will assemble the packages at that time.

Provisional Project